Human first coaching that honors your energy, sees your humanity, and illuminates your path to income growth.

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I do group coaching, one-on-one coaching and VIP day deep dive into your business and your humanity. 


The entrepreneur world (and especially the entrepreneur education world) is overwhelming white, cis, and male, or women-for-women business spaces.

Simply put, I believe that the way we really disrupt the outdated systems is by gaining power, by gaining wealth. And I see entrepreneurship as our best chance at success. 

One day a comment was left on my tiktok “Theo, we shouldn’t we striving for wealth or a ‘millionaire’ lifestyle. We should be disruptors.” This always seems to happen to me. Any time I (fat, queer and trans person) talk about wanting to make money (lots of money), I instantly get put down. The general idea is that we shouldn’t be trying to make money; we should be focused on our community and focused on helping others. 

My response? Money is power. The more money moves into the hands of marginalized people, the more change we can make in the world. I want more people to bring their full humanity to their businesses and begin creating generational wealth for their families and communities. Can you even imagine the impact we could make with our collective purchasing power? 

Why I am so passionate about business coaching

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Let's work one-on-one to design a business that helps you thrive.

6 months of support to find your stride and your own path to building wealth. 

One-on-one Coaching With Theo

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This program is perfect for you if you are looking for coaching but not ready for one-on-one support yet! We’ll come together and help each other reach out goals.

3 Month Group Coaching

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