We’re Stephanie and Theo, the queer spouse team behind Brancendent.


One of the hardest parts of going full time as entrepreneurs the lack of queer representation in business. We didn’t see ourselves in the typical image of entrepreneurship. Let’s face it, that image is thin, white, cisheteronormative, and definitely not trauma informed. 

After Theo started their wedding photography business, we began to see something different is possible. There are more ethical ways to navigate Capitalism while making a good living (and paying a living wage to everyone we hire along the way. We have big dreams of having full time employees with great salaries and benefits.) 

We help entrepreneurs create dreamy lives with successful businesses all while honoring their own humanity. Specifically we are one part ethical, SEO-driven copywriting (Stephanie’s specialty) and one part humanity-first business coaching (Theo’s specialty). 

We both spent over 10 years working in the corporate and academic worlds. We both tried to be the best employees we could be and put on that happy worker face. Stephanie worked in academia and then teaching in high schools, Theo taught math and then was a district administrator for a school network. After over 10 years, we were both burnt out and constantly living paycheck to paycheck. We were often unsure how to pay for unexpected bills and had to spend months eating dried rice and beans whenever we planned for vacations. Basically, we tried to do what everyone told us to do - “work hard, go to college, get a steady job,” and it just wasn’t cutting it. 

Theo quit their job in 2019, Steph in 2021. Now we both run businesses with revenue that easily doubles each of our previous salaries. And we take 1-2 months off from work each year to just chill and have family time with our toddler. We believe business is about balance and finding what works for you.

TLDR We created Brandcendent to help entrepreneurs with one or more marginalized identities grow their businesses. The more good people who have money, the better off our world will be!

Processes tailored as much as possible to your communication style

Payment plans with no extra fees

A commitment to a trauma-informed approach

What you can expect when you work with us:

I’m a business coach who believes in disrupting unethical systems of power by helping entrepreneurs with marginalized identities grow their businesses. My trauma-informed approach to business coaching honors your energy and illuminates paths to income growth. You can be a whole human and a successful entrepreneur. It’s all about finding an approach (and business coach) that works for you!

When I’m not coaching clients or photographing weddings, I’m documenting family moments on film and making TikToks.

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eilish, photographer

I feel 100x more confident than when I went in to Disruptor, and I actually enjoy the fact that my business isn’t consuming my life, but is providing me the life I want to live.

As a website copywriter and blogging specialist, I view my job as part storyteller, part strategist. I work with service providers to balance compelling stories with SEO know-how. The result is ethical copy that is honest and on-brand. Rather than resort to shame-y (and frankly, shady) marketing techniques, I create website and blog copy that drives organic traffic and connects with your dream clients. Let’s showcase your incredible services with SEO-driven copy! 

When I’m not writing for clients, you can catch me scribbling short stories in the backs of old journals and reading Architectural Digest from cover to cover.

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- Garrett, Photographer

Stephanie approaches blogging with the goals and best interest of 
your business in mind. Trying to rank for certain venues? Stephanie 
has you covered. Trying to get more work in a specific niche or 
general location? Stephanie will come through. Not only was the 
experience fantastic, but Stephanie went above and beyond creating 
blog posts that present my work and tell stories in an intentional way.

We make really good gluten-free pierogies. Gluten intolerance can’t keep these Polish Americans down!

On paper, we’re complete opposites - an ENFJ Libra vs an INTJ Virgo. It just makes us an even better team!

We have an adventurous toddler whose name, Rozalia, comes from Theo’s family tree.

We’ve been to the Middle East, Central America, Europe, and Africa together. We can’t wait to see more of the world!

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