A lot of our copywriting clients come to me wanting to level up their brand copywriting in anticipation of raising prices. Does this resonate? It makes sense to want something more refined and unique to present to the world as your business grows. Sometimes businesses get carried away with complicated vocabulary and sentence structure in an attempt to sound more polished. When it comes to copy, hard to understand isn’t the same as high end. We’re sharing tips for clear copy that elevates your brand.

Common Brand Copywriting Tactics

When small businesses try to DIY their copy, they sometimes think they have to use more elaborate language to justify higher prices. They go from using words like “moments” to “synchronicities.” The desire to sound more polished is understandable, but meaning often gets muddled in the process.

For Stephanie, Brandcendent’s copywriter, this was a big challenge in transitioning from teaching college to working in high schools. The most common piece of feedback they got at first: “You’re using too many big words.” So Stephanie streamlined their communication. Good communication – and good marketing – is easy to understand. 

Don’t get us wrong. Poetry has its place, but when it comes to communicating what your brand is about, we don’t mess around with AP-level vocabulary or jargon. Your website visitors aren’t going to look up words from your taglines. They’re more likely to feel disconnected and navigate away from your page. Making clients feel seen and taken care of makes your brand feel more high end than any thesaurus can.

A Strategy for Copy that Connects

If you take away one thing about creating more high end brand copywriting, let it be this: Strive for memorable copy that connects, not fancy vocabulary or confusing sentence structure. 

Straightforward vocabulary isn’t a sentence to a bland brand voice either! Your words can be unexpected – even spicy – and understandable. This is one reason we include a Brand Voice Guide in our website copywriting packages. Your copy can be clear, feel different, and make your dream client say “Yes!” or “Tell me more!”

Here are a few tips to polish your brand copywriting strategy:

1 Use a word bank for consistency.

Find a few words that are resonant with your brand messaging. They should be words that feel like your brand. For example, at Brandcendent, we support entrepreneurs in creating businesses that align with their humanity. We use the words humanity, connect, and align to communicate that across our channels. 

2 Read it out loud.

This is a hack from writing poetry, but it really works for marketing. Try reading your brand copywriting aloud. If you’re stumbling over sentence structures or long words, your audience will struggle too. Simplify it. 

3 Avoid the thesaurus.

Whether you DIY copy or get support from a copywriter, use words that you can easily define and feel comfortable saying out loud. Those are the words that will mean the most to your ideal clients. That’s the copy that will connect.

Are you looking for support in focusing your messaging and crafting on-brand copy for your business? Reach out to Brandcendent! We create website copy, blog content, and email marketing campaigns that connect you with your dream client.

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