Does the idea of starting a blog make your heart skip a beat? Blogging is the monarch of digital marketing for good reason. It’s got the highest return on investment of many channels. Starting your own blog doesn’t have to be complicated, but a content strategy for blogs does require some intentionality. We’ve taken our years of experience as SEO blogging specialists and broken down the process into three steps. Check out our tips for growing your digital presence and attracting dreamy clients!

A 3-Step Content Strategy for Blogs

1. Know your goals.

SEO blogging is too big an investment of time and other resources for you to do it without knowing the why behind it. A coach telling you it’s important doesn’t give you clarity on what or how much you should blog. You’ve probably thought through the services you want to promote or the financial goals you want to reach. Start there.

An effective content strategy for blogs starts with knowing your goals because blogging is content marketing. It’s easy for some small business owners that it’s not just about showcasing your best images. The copy matters, too, in helping people get to know your brand and expertise. You need to consider what content will attract future clients who haven’t found you through other avenues like social media.

2. Get Google’s attention.

Any content strategy for blogs also should include SEO. SEO is critical for driving traffic to your blog posts. Why go to the trouble of creating incredible content if it won’t show up on search engine results pages (SERPs)? For a rundown of all the ways a blog can help your SEO, check out this blog post.

While SEO can seem intimidating from the outside, the heart of it is about being helpful to potential clients. Come up with a list of questions and concerns your clients have in the process that leads them to you. Use that as your starting point. If you have money but don’t have the time to invest in learning optimization, you can work with an SEO blogging expert. (Hi, it’s us.)

3. Blog the work you want more of.

When entrepreneurs first start their blogging journey, they often think their content strategy for blogs has to include blogging everything they do. We’ve talked to photographers, for example, who felt like they had to blog venues they didn’t like working with. The truth is that it’s more important for you to blog content that’s aligned with the work you want than it is for you to blog every single job you do.

Before you dive into blogging, make a list of your favorite projects and clients. What about them did you love? What about that experience do you want to repeat again and again? Keep this list handy so you can craft your copy to emphasize these points. Aligned clients will be drawn to it.

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