We’ve all gotten that marketing email. You know the one that’s fine but feels just impersonal enough to turn you off the brand sending it. We suspect those experiences are part of why so many entrepreneurs are hesitant to start email marketing in the first place. These email writing tips will help you create custom content that your list loves. 

9 Email Writing Tips for Entrepreneurs

1. Pick an email platform that works for you.

Engaging emails don’t have to be flashy. In fact, complicated graphics can land you in spam or promo folders. Having access to elaborate email templates can be nice, but it can be just as valuable to make people feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Choose an email platform that enables that connection instead of distracting from it. The most important thing is that your platform is user- friendly so that you actually use it.

We use Flodesk because it has simple templates that are highly customizable. Learn more about Flodesk here. (This is an affiliate link.)

2. Personalize it.

This email writing tip is deceptively simple: Use people’s first names in your emails. People want to feel like you’re writing to them, not everyone on your email list. Use names in your opening and at critical points in your copy. Platforms like Flodesk let you add smart fields for names anywhere. You have to strike a balance to avoid overdoing it, but seeing their names can bring people out of mindlessly skimming. 

Of course, this only works if you have people’s naan. This is one of those email writing tips that require a little prep. Set up your forms to collect people’s first names along with their email addresses when they opt into your list.

3. Remember where you are in the sales funnel. 

In some ways, all email writing tips come back to the sales funnel. The sales funnel is a concept that shows how people move from first getting to know a brand all the way to making a purchase. It wouldn’t be effective to share the same email content with someone new to your brand as you would with a repeat client. They’re likely familiar with varying details about your services and in different stages of their decision making processes.

Curious what the sales funnel looks like in email marketing for wedding photographers? Check out our free, fast webinar here!

4. Balance types of content.

People make a lot of being a “thought leader.” It’s important to establish your expertise and stay top of mind. This focus can lead entrepreneurs to create and publish educational content exclusively. That’s fine for your SEO blog posts, but email marketing works best when you balance education with connection. Cultivating that long-term connection is your best chance for standing out. There’s nothing new under the sun, but you can get people invested in your brand over another.

5. Center clarity and transparency.

There are plenty of email writing tips floating around the internet about getting people in their feelings to sell to them. Emotion is ok as long as you take an ethical approach. Ethical business includes clarity and transparency. Be up front about things like your starting prices and processes. 

Also be clear about what results you can actually guarantee. For example, we don’t guarantee that our SEO copywriting clients will make the first page of Google. (We’ve made it happen, though!) We can promise that we’ll use validated keywords and a tried and true optimization method. It’s more honest, and it gives clients a clearer understanding of our processes. 

6. Show don’t tell.

The folks on your email list are more likely to connect with content that shows them what it’s like to work with you. Don’t just list the features of your packages. Tell stories from behind the scenes of your services. It can help center your clients in your marketing.

7. Appeal to logic and emotion.

Several of these email writing tips are based on the fact that humans make decisions based on logic and emotion. Even if you think of yourself as a hyper-logical person, emotions play a role in some of your decisions. That’s why it’s important to include people’s names, share stories, and connect with them in addition to educating them. Even if you’re not the least expensive option, people may choose to work with you because they’re invested in you and trust you.

8. Use your P.S. strategically.

No matter how riveting your emails are, many people will skim them. Most email writing tips focus on snappy subject lines, but your postscript matters too. It can be a powerful tool in your email marketing. You can use it to 

  • warm up your audience for a launch.
  • sell a service that speaks to your email content.
  • invite a response or other meaningful connection.

9. Clarify your brand voice.

All the email writing tips will only get you so far unless you define your brand voice. A lot of people know what their brand looks like, but that’s only half the story. What does your brand sound like? Are you formal and authoritative? Cheery and warm? Do you use any words frequently? It’s worth taking time to figure out if your brand would say “rad” or “stunning.” It’s about what your ideal clients connect with as much as it is about you. When you consistently use a unique brand voice in your email marketing, you can avoid blending into the inbox.

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