If you want to get more leads for your business, you can find all kinds of strategies. So much of it comes down to a foundational piece of marketing – your copy. Whether it’s your website copy or social media captions, your copy affects how many leads you get and how good they are. 

How Copy Affects the Quality of Your Leads 

Your copy directly impacts the quality of your leads. On your website, for example, clear messaging can help people pre-qualify themselves. That is, your copy can help you get more leads from your dream clients  as opposed to random people who may not align with your values or way of working. After implementing website copy from Brandcendent, photographer Rose said that she got “more aligned leads” for work that truly excited her. 

Good marketing and website copy can get more leads from ideal clients partly because it gives them a clear picture of what to expect. You preview your client experience in your copy. Do you have cle processes? What is it like to work with you? What results can people expect? The more thoroughly you answer these questions, the better your chances are of driving the leads that you want. 

For most small businesses, long-form marketing copy can be broken down into website copy and blogging. Website copy can be a powerful way to connect with your niche. Our client web designer KP put it perfectly: “I think my dream clients will feel like they’re directly being spoken to, which is exactly what I want! They’ll feel seen and heard, which will make them immediately want to reach out.” As copywriters, we couldn’t imagine a better outcome.

Blogging gives entrepreneurs space to expand on discrete parts of their marketing messaging. Consistently communicating this across blog posts gives business owners more chances to get more leads that they want. One of our long-term clients told us that blogging helped her reach a huge milestone. She was almost exclusively attracting leads she was really excited about. That meant fewer sales calls that went nowhere and more work that let her explore her creative potential.

Why SEO Matters

Before you can get more leads, you need to get eyes on your offer. SEO helps clients find you organically on Google. There is so much you can do to help your SEO on the backend of your website, but SEO copywriting with a solid keyword strategy is the easiest way to lay the foundation. 

Make sure your copywriter understands how to interweave an effective SEO strategy into sales-driven, on-brand copy. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to check if your copywriter knows their stuff. Their answers to these two questions will tell you what you need to know.

How to Get More Leads with Better Copy 

At this point, you’re probably wondering exactly how to create the copy that drives leads. The first step is to clarify your brand messaging. Why do you do what you do? And how does that translate into the way you run your business? This will help you determine your unique selling points, what sets you apart from others in your industry. Create a brand document that you can keep handy when anyone is writing copy for your business. It will keep your marketing consistent and focused.

Once you have clarity on your brand messaging, figure out your brand voice. This refers to the tone, style, and word choice you use in all of your copy. It’s how your brand identity translates into words. Make notes on this to keep with your brand messaging document.

Many of our website copywriting clients come to us when they want to elevate their brand voice to be on level with the services they provide. Photographer Francesca said, “My whole goal with hiring Steph to do my copy was to help elevate my photography brand and website. My photography work itself has elevated within this past year so I’ve been wanting my website and brand to match that. And now it does!”

Finally, your copy can help you get more leads when you communicate your values explicitly. A 2022 study shows that 82% of consumers prefer to spend money with brands whose values align with theirs. We consistently get leads for copywriting and business coaching clients who inquire because of how we communicate our values in our website, email, and social media copy. For entrepreneurs who hold marginalized identities, giving potential clients the information to opt in or out before inquiring can help reduce uncomfortable situations too. 

Are you looking for support driving leads from clients who align with your brand? Check out our SEO copywriting services! We’ll connect you with dreamy clients with on-brand blogs and web copy that speaks Google’s language. 

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