SEO blogging is an incredible resource for content marketing, but it’s also a great tool to improve client experience. Service providers often justify higher prices by providing next-level service. They make their clients feel taken care of. This can mean giving clients resources just as they’re realizing they’ll need them. Your evergreen content can do double duty boosting your SEO and serving as a resource for clients whom you’ve booked. In this post, we share tips for using your blog to improve client experience.

3 Ways to Improve Client Experience with Your Blog

Evergreen content can be used to attract new clients and solve problems for existing clients. This three-part strategy is a tried and tested approach to improve client experience.

1. Create advice articles.

Advice articles can answer one question or can be in list format. For better or worse, Google loves the “listicles” popularized by Buzzfeed. Use them as an opportunity to answer frequently asked questions. These should be related to the process they’re going through when they work with you. For example, our copywriting clients typically are in the process of improving their SEO so that they can rely less on social media marketing. Clients often ask, “How often should I blog?” We did some keyword research and wrote a blog post answering that exact question.

Maybe you’ve noticed that there are questions your clients don’t know to ask. This is common for service providers like wedding photographers whose clients may only ever hire a photographer for a big event once in their lives. Wedding clients may not know that they’ll need to decide whether they want a second photographer, for example. A wedding photographer could turn this question into a blog post that they share with clients early after booking (when it’s not too late to add a second photographer to their package).

2. Roundup resources.

Similar to advice articles, roundups of resources can be great to boost SEO and improve client experience. Again, this comes back to what kind of process your clients are going through when they book your services. Web designers might create blog posts comparing website platforms, for example. If they have a preference for one in particular, a blog post early in the client experience is a good place to make their case.

Blog posts that you share with clients are good places for lists of vendors your clients might need. A web designer might create a blog post rounding up copywriters and brand designers with whom they work. If you already have a PDF vendor guide, you can easily turn it into a blog post (or several).  

Whether you’re writing an advice article or creating a resource roundup, remember to do your keyword research. Your blog can only work as content marketing and a tool for the client experience if it’s optimized. 

3. Automate emails for impeccable timing.

Once you have all of these helpful blog posts, it’s time to create automated workflows in your CRM (customer relationship management system). Be strategic about timing. Think about when your clients are about to need each piece of information that you share. These touchpoints are valuable for making your clients feel seen and cared for. 

Worried about sharing a blog post that a client has already seen? Don’t be. The majority of clients appreciate service providers who are organized and make their lives easier. People also tend to need to see a piece of content multiple times before it sticks.

Do you want help creating on-brand blog posts that will improve client experience? At Brandcendent, we specialize in SEO-driven blogging that connects you with your dream clients. Reach out to learn how we can help you create strategic resources on your blog.

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