Blog posts are great content marketing tools for any small business. You can build your brand, build trust with your audience, add value to the client experience, and, of course, rank on Google to drive organic traffic to your site. Powerful, right? Narrowing down what kind of blog content to create can be overwhelming. Two types of blog posts are especially helpful for photography businesses: sessions and articles.

Two Effective Types of Blog Posts for Photographers 

When you’re deciding which types of blog posts are right for you, consider your goals. Each is useful for SEO and can add value for potential clients in different ways. You just need to pick the right tool to get where you want to go.

1. Blogging Sessions 

What It Is

This type of blog post highlights one client session. It could be anything from a couples or maternity session to a full wedding. The images you select will show potential clients a variety of images to get a sense of your style. Wedding photographers can show how they work in changing conditions throughout a wedding day. 

The point of blogging a session is to market your services by telling your client’s story. Keep in mind that your blog post is always about future clients and what resonates with them. It helps to have a strong sense of your brand voice and client experience.

How It Can Help

There’s no doubt that regular blogging helps SEO and, consequently, drives more potential clients to your website. Many types of blog posts can do this, but blogging a session is an especially good strategy if you want to rank for a venue or location. Did you photograph the sweetest City Hall elopement? Take advantage of this blog post to optimize for City Hall!

Another completely valid reason to blog a session? Show off work you’re proud of! You’re an artist as well as an entrepreneur. Potential clients will feel your enthusiasm radiating through your phone screen when you blog work you love. Just make sure you have a good keyword.

Examples of This Type of Blog Post

For wedding photographers, optimizing for venue keywords can be one of the best strategies. Say you photographed a wedding at The Plaza. You could write a blog post describing the venue and the highlights of the wedding day. Google (and potential clients) would view you as providing relevant information, and it could help boost your website’s SEO overall.

2. Blogging Articles 

What It Is

Articles don’t have the same limitations as blogging sessions in that you can pull images from any number of relevant shoots. This umbrella encompasses anything from “best of” roundups to advice. Google loves a listicle, a list-style article. Don’t feel confined to these if you feel like it sounds too BuzzFeed-y. 

Of the two types of blog posts discussed here, articles give you a lot more freedom. Some people find this overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Step back and ask yourself this question: What kind of information do my potential clients want?

How It Can Help

Article-style blog posts are good places to target more difficult-to-rank-for keywords, especially if you write longer posts. While it may take longer to reach a desirable spot in Google’s rankings, you’re establishing your expertise. Google’s algorithm not only cares if you have “New York wedding photographer” on your home page. It wants to see that you’re an expert with lots of relevant quality information to share with visitors. 

As fun as SEO is (I see some of you rolling your eyes!), it’s really a means to an end. In this case, that’s connecting with your dream clients. Article-style blog posts help you build trust with potential clients. You’re proving that you’re helpful as they get to know you and your brand. It’s amazing how many leads a really good venue roundup can generate!

Examples of This Type of Blog Post

Figure out what your ideal client cares about. Then write a blog post offering your take. Does your ideal client want jaw-dropping reception decor? Make a list of floral and tablescape ideas they’d find helpful. Don’t forget to include your own favorite reception photos.

Are you excited to blog your beautiful sessions and share brilliant ideas with your articles? Our blogging packages are designed with photographers in mind. We’ll create both types of blog posts to help you connect with your dream clients. If you want to DIY your photography blog, check out The What to Write Guide for inspiration and a template for session and article blog posts. 

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