Building out your wedding photography blog is one of the single most important investments you can make in preparation for booking season. The winter holidays are coming and, with them, engagement rings and new clients. Social media marketing can be helpful, but nothing is as powerful or reliable as improving your SEO through blogging.

Booking season might feel like an eternity from now, especially in the midst of fall weddings. So why start blogging for booking season now?

Building SEO on Your Wedding Photography Blog Takes Time

I said it before, and I will say it as many times as it takes: SEO is a long game! Improving your SEO by building out your wedding photography blog takes time. You may not see payoff from a blog published in the late summer or early autumn until booking season is upon you.

Tia built their business largely by blogging as many sessions as possible. They did their keyword research and did all the back-end work. It still took two months for one post to rank in the top 10.

Another post started out strong but took two months to reach the number one spot.

Do you need another reason to get your wedding photography blog started a.s.a.p.? Google uses natural language processing and AI tools to rank your site. It wants to see a web of related keywords on your site to give you authority. In other words, it wants to see consistently published, related content.

Your Ideal Clients are Looking for You

Knowing that you need time to build authority through consistent publications, don’t sleep on getting your wedding photography blog together! Your ideal clients really are looking for you on search engines. Make sure they can find you by improving your SEO.

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