As a small business owner, you may be wondering why outsource blogging? Surely, it’s something you’ll get around to doing if it really matters. The thing is, most photographers don’t blog consistently even though it’s the number one way they can drive organic traffic. 

Why Outsource Blogging

There are plenty of reasons to outsource blogging, but these are our top three.

1. Publish regularly to build authority.

Google uses an algorithm with lots of moving parts to rank your site. Not only do you need to blog, but you need to blog consistently to see results with this algorithm. According to FirstPageSage, the consistent publication of engaging content is the most impactful strategy for building authority and improving your ranking. In fact, it’s estimated that consistent publication (a.k.a. blogging) has more weight than any other factor in the algorithm.

Publishing regularly matters only insofar as you’re publishing related content. In other words, your keywords should be relevant to each other. To rank for “Newark wedding photographer,” for example, Google will want to see that you’re publishing helpful information about weddings in the Newark area – venues, vendors, listicles, etc. You’ll never run out of topics once you realize that building authority is about creating a web of related content.

2. Delegate to save time and stress.

For wedding professionals, busy seasons lead up to booking seasons. A packed fall wedding season keeps photographers in a cycle of wedding – editing – wedding – editing until suddenly winter holidays bring engagements. What does that mean for blogging? Usually, it doesn’t happen. Get blogging off your to-do list and onto a copywriter’s.

Outsourcing blogging ensures that content gets to your site with enough time for it to climb the rankings. Remember that SEO is a long game. Depending on the keyword, it can take anywhere from weeks to months for your blog to show up in a decent spot on Google. Waiting until December 30 to publish a bunch of blog content isn’t going to help newly engaged clients find you in January. 

3. Drive website traffic without being a marketing expert.

Being a small business owner means that you have to understand so many ins and outs of business operations on top of being a good photographer. If you outsource blogging, at least you don’t have to be a marketing expert. 

Blogging is the best investment you can make in marketing because, unlike an ad, you pay for it once, and it works for you forever. A good copywriter knows how to do keyword research and how to use those keywords strategically without over-stuffing copy with awkward sentences and spammy backlinks. They should also be able to write in your brand voice, so the content speaks specifically to your ideal client.

Of course, outsourcing blogging is effective only if you find a copywriter who is a good fit for your business. I use my niche expertise to create SEO-driven content for photographers and wedding industry professionals. By connecting you with your ideal clients, I allow you to get back to what you love.
If you want to know more about outsourcing your blogging, reach out to Brandcendent today!

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