Have you ever felt like you sound just like everyone else in your industry? Words matter as much as images in helping you stand out and connect with your ideal client. A brand copywriter could be just the person you need to show potential clients what sets you apart from the competition. By refining and refocusing your brand messaging, a brand copywriter can make these transformations for your business. 

3 Ways a Brand Copywriter can Transform Your Marketing

1. A brand copywriter defines your voice.

If you pay attention to your favorite brands, you’ll notice something. They don’t sound like other brands in their industry. Chances are they’re your favorite because something about the words and tone they use resonates with you. 

This is called brand voice. Ideally, you’re using the same brand voice across all your platforms. If someone finds you through social media or a blog post, they should be able to read your copy and know this is your brand regardless of whether your business’s name is actually mentioned. That’s the power of a defined brand voice. 

A brand copywriter can help you identify the tone, style, and word choice that feels authentic to you and connects with your ideal client. After all, like the rest of your branding, your voice is partly about you and partly about your dream clients.

2. They help you articulate what’s actually different about your brand.

Do you feel like your brand isn’t unique? Most of my web copy clients come into our initial conversation with this viewpoint. Throughout the process of developing their brand messaging, I never fail to uncover something that’s only true of them and the services they provide. 

Your brand is unique because there’s only one of you. A brand copywriter can help identify exactly what’s special about you and your services. It will become a central part of your messaging to help you cut through the noise and connect with aligned clients.

3. A brand copywriter develops the source material for ALL your marketing.

When you work with a brand copywriter, you get source material for all of your marketing. Think social media captions, blog posts, emails, ads, and more. As part of my website copywriting services, I create a Brand Voice Guide that my clients can return to again and again to keep their marketing on message and focused on their goals. 

Even though a brand copywriter might not create your Instagram captions for you, they’ll provide the framework for all of your messaging. You can return to these foundational documents anytime you need inspiration. Having clear, on-brand web copy is incredibly helpful here. You can return to it as the starting point for any marketing materials.

The Right Brand Copywriter for You

Are you interested in working with a brand copywriter to develop standout messaging and connect with dreamy clients? I’m a trauma-informed copywriter specializing in SEO. Through my tried and true process, I can help you identify what makes your brand unique and create messaging that resonates. Inquire with me here

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