SEO blogging and social media are powerful pieces of a marketing strategy. Keeping up with both can feel overwhelming, but there’s an easier way. You can use your blog to simplify social media planning and drive traffic to your blog. We’re sharing our strategy for turning one blog post into lots of engaging social media content. 

Your Blog as the Foundation for Social Media Planning 

A little disclaimer here. At Brandcendent, we believe there’s no single way to do business or marketing correctly. In fact, we’ve come up with a system of Entrepreneur Archetypes to help business owners create marketing and business strategies that work with their personalities. This strategy for social media planning is designed with Thoughtful Entrepreneurs in mind. Curious what your Entrepreneur Archetype is? Take our quiz

When your blog is the foundation of your social media planning, you’re tasked with turning long-form content into short, digestible pieces that can stand alone. One long blog post becomes many Instagram carousels and TikTok videos. Here are a few helpful questions to help you break your content down:

  • What bite-sized information can I extract from this?
  • What are my goals for this post (increasing reach, driving traffic, selling a service, etc.)?
  • Is this relevant to my audience?
  • How does this fit into my larger marketing strategy?

Breaking the blog post down into multiple social media posts achieves a few things. Firstly, it makes a LOT of content out of one blog post. You really don’t need to start from scratch every time you do social media planning. Secondly, it makes your content easier to digest and engage with on platforms where people expect short-form content. 

Breaking It Down for Your Platforms 

Let’s take this step by step with an example of how I would repurpose one of Brandcendent’s blog posts. The first key is to let the structure be your guide. I wrote a post titled “How to Write an About Page that Converts.” The post is divided into two sections: The Actual Function(s) of Your About Page and How to Write an About Page with SEO. Within the first section, there are three subheadings.


I could take two routes with this. Either I could create a three-part series of Reels on The Actual Purpose of Your About Page, or I could create a carousel. With how few followers actually see every post, I could safely make the Reels and carousel. That’s four posts from just the first half of my blog. Here’s an Instagram carousel I made for this blog post. 


I’m all about repurposing when possible (if you couldn’t tell). To simplify my life, I could take the videos I made for Reels and post them to TikTok. The only trick here is that TikTok audiences sometimes expect a bit different tone and style of interaction. If TikTok is a big part of your marketing strategy, create for TikTok first, then repost to Reels.


These platforms are handy because you can post links. That makes it as easy as possible for your audience to head to your blog. You don’t have to link to your site with every single post, but do it periodically.

If your social media planning includes Threads or X, you can really dive in by posing a question to your audience and then unpacking the content of your blog post in response. OR if, like me, you don’t have time to engage on that level, you can break it down into a series of educational posts. For example, I created this thread from my About Page blog post. 

Scheduling Your Content 

As you can see, one of the perks of social media planning with your blog is that you can repurpose one blog post in so many ways. That doesn’t mean you have to flood your platforms with all the content from a blog post as soon as you hit publish. Instead, spread them out over time. Use Instagram stories, Threads, and other platforms to drive traffic to your blog post periodically. 

Most small business blog posts tend to be evergreen content. They cover topics that are relevant in any season. Others may be seasonal. Maybe you’re posting about holiday photo sessions or tips for packing lunches for the start of the school year. Instead of reinventing the wheel every year, set a reminder to yourself to update these posts annually, and share them again. Google will love that you’re refreshing content, and you’ll get more mileage out of it on socials.

Do you feel inspired to leverage your business’s blog in your social media planning? We share actionable advice like this every month on Brandcendent’s Patreon. Join our community, and create a marketing strategy that’s easier on you and more effective. Learn more here!

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