In the age of TikTok, it’s helpful to be able to introduce your brand with a quick, compelling message. I like to call this your brand elevator pitch. When you spend all day entwined in your business, it can be hard to boil it down to a catchy sentence or two. This is my five-part process for creating a brand elevator pitch that sticks with folks.

Your 5-Part Brand Elevator Pitch Formula

1. Who you are 

It might sound obvious, but including your brand name is so important. When you’re introducing people to your brand, you need to make sure they remember you. In other words, you’re developing brand awareness. Don’t complicate things. Make your brand name the first words of your first sentence.

2. What you do/value added 

You want to be clear on what services you offer, but also explain what value this brings for clients. Are you a web designer? Go beyond “Cool Company designs Showit sites.” Explain what transformation comes with that.

3. Who your clients are 

You may not need to state this outright. If you have a strategic, coherent brand voice, your brand elevator pitch will connect with your ideal client.

4. Why you’re different

Quite simply, how are you different from your competitors? And if you’re not that different, include what makes your services great anyway.

5. CTA 

It always helps to have a call to action (CTA). You can use it to tell people to subscribe to your email list, inquire with you, or just explore your site. Anything that encourages continued engagement is good.

3 Things to Remember 

Word Choice

A brand elevator pitch is short. Think one sentence, maybe two. For that reason, focus on your economy of words. Convey as much as you can with as few words as possible. Strong verbs help.


One of the best ways you can condense everything you need to say into two sentences is to have a distinctive brand voice. Ask yourself what words will convey what you want to say and be most likely to connect with your ideal client.


In your effort to sound unique, though, don’t get lost in artsy language that loses people. Clarity is always more important than sounding cool.

3 Brand Elevator Pitch Examples 

It’s one thing to give you a bunch of guidelines. It’s another to give you concrete examples. I created each of the following brand elevator pitches as part of my website copywriting service. Since this copy was intended to be used in website footers, they don’t include a CTA. They definitely could if they were adapted for social media or other forums.

A Photographer

I created this for Francesca Lee Photo, based in New York City.

“Francesca Lee is a NYC elopement and portrait photographer. She co-creates images of confidence and ease so you can relive your Vogue moment again and again.”

A Home Organization and Concierge Service

UpTown Concierge services the Atlanta region.

“UpTown Concierge is a home organizing and house management service. We provide tailored experiences that create space for what matters most.”

A Wedding Planner

One Bell Designs coordinates and plans weddings. 

“One Bell Designs is a New England wedding planning service that takes a relationship-based approach to creating weddings as magical as your relationship.”

Looking for the perfect angle for your brand elevator pitch? It all starts with understanding who you are as an entrepreneur. We’ve developed a system, the Entrepreneur Archetype, to give you insight into how to create marketing that works for your personality. Take the Entrepreneur Archetype Quiz here

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