Picture this: Your small business, fueled by your creativity and care, can connect with high-end clients who appreciate your unique offerings. The path isn’t paved by viral TikTok videos. It’s paved with powerful words. In today’s digital age, an effective copywriter for a small business is vital to set your brand apart. 

For creative business owners hoping to connect with high-end clients, the right copywriter can be a game-changer. In this blog post, I’ll explore the art of hiring the right copywriter for a small business. You’ll learn how they can elevate your brand, boost your online presence, and attract more aligned clients.

Why High-Quality Copy Matters

In a world increasingly dominated by short-form video, it’s easy not to see how words still shape our lives – and our purchasing decisions. High-quality copywriting is the foundation of your brand’s differentiation strategy. A copywriter for a small business can help you communicate your brand’s core message. They can also captivate, persuade, and ultimately win over high-end clients. Your words have the power to resonate on that deeper level.

One of my web copy and SEO blogging clients is a wedding photographer. She saw the difference very quickly after we implemented the copy I created for her. When I followed up with her a few weeks after she launched her new site, she said, “I’m already getting more aligned leads.” For a creative entrepreneur who views her work as art as much as business, that’s a big deal!

How to Define Your Copywriting Needs

Before you actually hire a copywriter for a small business, it’s important to understand your unique needs. You might require engaging web copy that communicates your brand story and values. Maybe you need SEO blogging to improve your online visibility. Figure out what your goals are so that you can find the right service to help you meet them.

Each form of copy serves a distinct purpose in attracting aligned clients. Web copy establishes your brand’s personality as well as what differentiates you from your competitors. SEO blogging boosts your online reach and establishes your expertise in your industry. 

Which Qualities to Look For in a Copywriter for a Small Business

Once you’ve established what your needs are, you can start shopping around for a copywriter. You’ll find a lot of checklists out there with elaborate interview questions. At the end of the day, these are the most important characteristics to look for:

Exceptional Writing Skills

Maybe it sounds obvious, but a copywriter for a small business has to craft stories masterfully while still marketing your business effectively.

Organizational Skills

When you hire a copywriter for a small business, your experience should be transparent from start to finish. Look for someone who will communicate expectations and timelines clearly. Flexibility is important, but a professional copywriter should have processes in place and be able to answer questions about deliverables comfortably.

SEO Knowledge

Search engine optimization (SEO) really can make or break your digital marketing. If you want to know more about how to check a copywriter’s SEO expertise – without being an expert yourself, check out this blog post.

Research Skills

Some people might say that you should look for a copywriter with knowledge about your industry. That can be helpful, but research skills are even more important. Sometimes working with someone outside of your industry keeps you from sounding just like everyone else.

How to Find the Perfect Fit

There are so many places to connect with a copywriter for a small business. Not all are created equal, though. I’ll share a bit more on best practices below. My first tip, though, is to base your choice partly on the variety of brands a copywriter is able to write for. If all of their clients sound the same, that suggests they’re not versatile enough to communicate your brand identity. 

On the other hand, if their clients have distinctive, cohesive brand messaging, you can trust that the copywriter will create something unique for you. For example, I’ve created web copy and SEO blog posts for a team of Gen Z web designers whose brand is colorful and cool. Their copy is completely different from the home organizing service I worked with.

At the end of the day, a good copywriter is a chameleon. You won’t necessarily be able to identify a “signature style.” It’s more important that you find a service provider whose values and processes work for you. 

Why Collaboration is Key

Once you hire your copywriter, collaboration is absolutely essential for you to get what you really need out of your work together. Your copywriter has to be able to take feedback and implement it. Don’t be afraid to ask your copywriter what their process for feedback and revision is.

You also need to give very specific feedback in order to get the results you want. No matter how good a copywriter is, they can’t read minds. I’ve had clients hesitate at first to give me their honest opinions on first drafts. When I’m finally able to draw out their concerns, I’m able to craft a product that works so much better for them.

How SEO-Driven Copywriting Transformed This Photographer’s Business

As an SEO copywriter, I’ve helped dozens of brands leverage SEO copywriting to connect with their dream clients. From driving hundreds of organic visitors monthly to crafting brand messaging that’s as refined as their service, each of my services serves a purpose in reaching more clients with one-of-a-kind messaging. As one client recently put it, “I think my dream clients will feel like they’re directly being spoken to, which is exactly what I want! They’ll feel seen and heard, which will make them immediately want to reach out.”

Where to Connect with a Copywriter for a Small Business

On your journey to attract aligned, high-end clients, never underestimate the power of copywriting. Your words are the bridge that connects your creative business to those who appreciate your unique offerings. 

This journey may seem daunting, but with the right copywriter, you’re better equipped to excel. Remember: It’s not just about hiring a writer. It’s about developing a partnership that transforms your brand. That alone makes it well worth the investment.

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