If you’ve been around entrepreneur circles, you’re almost guaranteed to have heard this truism: Consistency is key. Business coaches, social media mavens, and others advise entrepreneurs to “show up” regularly to grow their businesses. But what if consistency isn’t a universal solution for every business? 

At Brandcendent, we specialize in helping business owners find marketing and sales strategies that work with their humanity. When we say “works with our humanity,” that looks different for every person – and even for both of us. In this post, we upend the wisdom that says “consistency is key” in pursuit of a more human-centered approach to business.

Consistency is Key: Wisdom that Works for a Few

We founded Brandcendent to help entrepreneurs build businesses that allowed them to balance marketing and running businesses with all the other things that come along with being human. For us, that includes spending time with family and traveling. We’ve learned that consistency works for some people but not others. 

And you know what? That’s ok. Being “inconsistent” doesn’t mean we’re bad people or doomed as entrepreneurs. It’s all about finding what works with your humanity – your neurotype, your physical needs, your personality, etc. For Theo, that means they designed their business to

  • Give them space to ghost their business/social media without any major hits to their income
  • Allow them to post when they want/feel motivated
  • Get leads organically from Google throughout the year

Theo is not someone who can perform consistently for social media. Instead of “consistency is key,” they say quiet time is. They need space and time to be their introverted hermit Virgo self. They’re happiest in their business when they have space to post and be without the constant guilt of needing to do more. 

Another Path Forward

Can consistency help you grow? Sure it can. But for Theo, it was an express train to Burn Out Station. Knowing this about themself, they have moved much of their sales off social media. They still use social media but only when it feels fun. They use Instagram and TikTok as an extra tool, but it’s not their main marketing channel for attracting aligned clients. 

When Stephanie quit her job and went full time as an entrepreneur, we duplicated the same process Theo used but adjusted it for Stephanie’s personality. Stephanie is the opposite of Theo. They can plan a whole calendar of content and actually do it. Theo doesn’t understand, but they really admire how steady and consistent Stephanie is. It really works for her copywriting business.

In the past few years, Theo has taken this model to their work with one-on-one business coaching clients. They help clients adjust their marketing and sales strategies to align with their energy and become less reliant on the cryptic Instagram algorithm.

Curious how you can take this humanity-centered model of entrepreneurship to your business? Here are four steps that we’ve seen results with:

  1. Understand your tools and what works for you. Then ditch the ones that don’t. 
  2. Know how to speak the robot language of Google (a.k.a. SEO) to get organic traffic.
  3. Take that organic traffic and convert it to leads or get folks deeper into your space.
  4. Create a sales funnel that brings humanity and personality into your sales process. Give your clients time and space to fall in love with your offer.

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A Human-Centered Business Community

Maybe you’re on board with ditching “consistency is key” but find you’re not sure what to do next. We’re cultivating an intentional community of human-first entrepreneurs on our Patreon! Each month, we share two classes on ethical sales and marketing from a trauma-informed perspective. Membership starts at $15/month and gets you access to workbooks, resources, and photography content too. Join us!

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