After creating web copy for dozens of brands, I have found one thing to be true: About pages scare the heck out of entrepreneurs. Should you include an actual biography? Like, does it matter where you were born or how you take your coffee? The answer is more nuanced than you might expect. In this post, I share my philosophy on how to write an about page that converts visits to leads.

The Actual Function(s) of Your About Page

Entrepreneurs often either give way too much or too little information on their about page. One reason is that they’re confused about the actual purpose of this part of a website. You’re not trying to find your next best friend. You’re creating content that will attract aligned clients. When you’re thinking about how to write an about page, keep these three functions at the forefront.

1. Help people get to know (the curated) you.

Your about page humanizes you for potential clients. That doesn’t mean they need your whole life story. Show enough personality while keeping the focus on what’s relevant to them. For example, on our about page, Theo and I share our journeys as entrepreneurs. Notice that includes:

  • Turning points that led us to start our businesses
  • The aspects of our identity and approaches to business that set us apart from a lot of mainstream marketers
  • Experiences and philosophies that will connect with people we want to work with

Notice that does not include:

  • Our coffee orders (oat milk cappuccino for me and iced latte for Theo, in case you really want to know)
  • A timeline of our formal education
  • Too much actual detail about our family

None of that is relevant to clients or necessary to gain their trust and show them who we really are as service providers and educators. In fact, it could lose them before they get to the heart of the page – how we can help them.

2. Show visitors why you’re The One through your brand story.

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, how to write an about page comes down to your brand’s story, not your biography. Books like Story Brand have popularized the idea that you have to take your audience on a journey with a predetermined pattern. While this approach has some helpful bits, it can be limiting and very Christian-centric. It’s not universally relatable or a one-size-fits-all solution to marketing.

So what are you doing with a brand story on your about page? You’re stating who you are, what you’re about, and, most importantly, why you do the work that benefits your clients. Did an experience with your own wedding make you realize how important it is to document special days with great photos? Did Pinterest transform your approach to marketing your own business so that you suddenly had more time for creative work? Tell the story that illustrates the why.

Then show visitors how all of that translates to unbeatable services and client experiences. Show how your why is the reason you can provide the experience potential clients are looking for. It’s easy to lose sight of your marketing goals when you’re learning how to write an about page.

3. Attract aligned clients by sharing your values.

Except sometimes it does help to tell. We live in a time where many marginalized people are having their rights chipped away by the highest courts and legislative bodies. It’s an exhausting time to navigate, and many people don’t want to inquire with service providers unless they’re sure that they’ll be affirmed and/or accommodated appropriately. 

For that reason, I always encourage my web copy clients to explicitly state their values. Are you LGBTQ affirming? Do you believe sex work is real work and that Black Lives Matter? Then say so. Don’t make people dig for clues. Chances are they’ll give up before finding them.

If that’s not convincing enough, check this out. In 2022, a poll by retail industry experts showed that 82% of consumers want to shop with brands whose values align with theirs. It’s safe to assume that they feel that way about small businesses as well as large retailers.

How to Write an About Page with SEO

To recap, your about page attracts aligned clients by interweaving your story with the solutions you offer to clients’ problems. For small businesses, it’s not about corporate mission statements or comprehensive bios. It’s about telling a story that converts.

Of course, the best about page in the world only gets you so far if you don’t incorporate SEO. When you’re figuring out how to write an about page, it’s critical to include a keyword strategy. It’s the only way to give yourself a chance at organic reach on search engines. Think about what word you most want to show up for when people hop on Google. It’s probably something related to your industry. For example: Minneapolis photographer or home organizing service.

Once you have a keyword, you can interweave it into your about page copy and make it the center of your SEO strategy. Do you want support in creating standout web copy? With our 2-Week Web Copy service, we’ll create a custom SEO strategy that will get you in front of dream clients and back it up with unique messaging that connects. Apply here to start the conversation!

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