A meta description is the cherry on top of your SEO sundae. It’s the copy that shows up under your page title on search engine results pages (SERPs). Even though Google’s algorithm doesn’t reward you for creating a meta description, it can make the difference in driving visitors to your site. In that way, it can indirectly boost your SEO. These examples of meta descriptions show you how to create click-worthy copy.

How to write a Meta Description 

Before we dive into examples of meta descriptions, it’s helpful to know what they should include. We break it down into three factors. 

1. A summary of your content

Your meta description should tell users what your web page is actually about in 155 characters. It helps to include your keyword so that users understand the connection between your web page and their search query. 

2. A call to action (CTA)

In all of the examples of meta descriptions below, you’ll see a CTA. Your CTA should encourage clicks but also draw attention to what you’re marketing. For example, wedding photographers blogging about venues could encourage people to check out the images in the blog post.

3. Your brand voice 

Remember that people skim SERPs quickly. Your meta description is an opportunity to grab their attention. It can be tempting to fill your meta description with exclamation points. Instead use on-brand words and phrases that are consistent with all of your content.

10 Examples of Meta Descriptions 

Now let’s dive into some helpful examples! Brandcendent does SEO blogging for small businesses across many industries. We drew on our experience to create these meta descriptions.

Example 1

Industry: wedding photography

Keyword: Fairy Lights Farm wedding

Meta description: Our in-depth guide to your Fairy Lights Farm wedding! Get the inside scoop on this venue and check out these whimsical wedding photos for inspo.

Example 2

Industry: home organizing

Keyword: home office organization

Meta description: Professional home organizers share their favorite home office organization hacks. Transform your workspace into a pristine productivity zone.

Example 3

Industry: brand productions

Keyword: B-roll 

Meta description: Wondering what the f to do with your boss b-roll? Learn how to turn it into endless marketing assets for Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest!

Example 4

Industry: event planning

Keyword: rehearsal dinner

Meta description: Your rehearsal dinner can be just as cool and unique as the rest of your wedding weekend. Snag our tips for an unforgettable kickoff to your celebrations. 

Example 5

Industry: business coaching

Keyword: sales funnel

Meta description: The sales funnel can change the game for your marketing. Learn the basics of this marketing approach and design a more intentional path for your ideal client.

Example 6

Industry: personal finance

Keyword: saving for retirement

Meta description: Small business owners have to be extra intentional about saving for retirement. Start here to build the wealth you want for your future.

Example 7

Industry: travel 

Keyword: friend vacation

Meta description: Ready to create some memories with your favorite people? Scope out our favorite places for the friend vacation you’ll reminisce about for years to come!

Example 8

Industry: social media strategy

Keyword: Instagram Reels

Meta description: Everything you need to know about Instagram Reels for 2023! Learn what’s new and how you can leverage the algorithm to grow your following.

Example 9

Industry: virtual assistant

Keyword: best calendar system

Meta description: We’re comparing the five most popular calendar systems for small businesses. Find the best calendar system to amp up productivity and reduce stress.

Example 10

Industry: landscaping

Keyword: shade garden

Meta description: No sun? No problem! Build a lush shade garden with these low-light plants. From hostas to mountain laurels, you can create a colorful oasis.

Notice that in each of these examples of meta descriptions, you’re telling people exactly what they’ll get out of reading your content. The CTA is actionable, and your reader has a clear purpose going into your web page. You can’t overestimate the power of clarity in your meta descriptions.

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