Buying a gift for the small business owner in your life can be tricky. They have so much going on that the best presents are often ones that simplify their lives. We’ve divided our list of gift ideas for business owners into presents for work and for play. All of them are intended to help your entrepreneur in a meaningful way rather than be one more chachki that ends up in their desk drawer. 

Creative Gift Ideas for Business Owners 

For Work

Forget the cute planner that they’ll lose track of after the “new year new me” feels wear off. These gift ideas for small business owners will set them up for meaningful change and make their lives easier.

1. Pricing Help

Believe it or no, pricing is a sticky point for many entrepreneurs. How do they know what to charge? How should they design their packages? Many end up going with what “feels right.” The problem is they often undercharge or structure offers in a way that never gets them where they want to go. Take out the guesswork with a pricing calculator. Tia drew on their experience as a data director to create these powerful and intuitive interactive calculators.

2. A Blogging Template 

Blogging is one of the most effective forms of content marketing, but entrepreneurs often don’t know where to start. A blog template is the perfect way to support them. Copywriting templates are great gift ideas for business owners. Check out The What to Write Guide, our blogging guide for wedding photographers. It includes a plug-and-play blogging template. 

3. An Email Platform 

Has your entrepreneur been thinking about email marketing? There’s no better way to cultivate a relationship with potential clients. Treat them to a month or two of an email platform! We like Flodesk because it’s easy to use. It has simple templates and all the capabilities you need for a small business. Check out Flodesk. (This is an affiliate link.)

4. One-on-one Email Support 

Maybe your entrepreneur has an email platform but doesn’t know what to do with it. Brandcendent offers custom email copy support starting at $600. Want to gift your entrepreneur email support but in search of a less expensive option? Try a template like our Nurture Sequence Template for Wedding Photographers.

5. The Big Picture 

Want a creative spin on a classic gift idea for business owners? We’ve got a serious soft spot for our full-year wall calendar. Seeing everything in one place is incredibly helpful for mapping out launches and services. 

6. The Ultimate Business Hub

One of the best things we’ve done at Brandcendent is invest in client relationship management software (a CRM). We use Dubsado to manage projects and client information, send invoices, schedule calls, and automate workflows. It has been a lifesaver for our copywriting, photography, and business coaching businesses. Get 20% off the first month of Dubsado here. (This is an affiliate link.)

For Play

Now let’s get playful! We included this section of gift ideas for business owners because entrepreneurs aren’t known for good self care. Taking time to rest and play is important for refilling their cup.

7. A Chill 10 Minutes

Whether your entrepreneur is sitting at a desk all day or running after clients with a camera, their body probably feels the strain. An acupressure mat is our favorite way to unwind for 10 minutes in the middle of the day. It’s amazing what that reset can do for stress levels.

8. Coloring Time

In the past few years, adult coloring books have become a hot trend for a reason. There’s something simple and satisfying about coloring an elaborate design with nice pencils. This is a great gift idea for business owners who need a brain break. 

9. Hands-on Crafts

Working with our hands can ground us. Clay gives us a medium for our imaginations to roam. Give your entrepreneur some clay and shaping tools. Remind them the point isn’t actually to make something. It’s to have fun! Gift ideas for business owners can’t all be about productivity.

10. A Plant Friend

Sometimes it’s nice to take care of something other than our businesses. A plant is one of the best gift ideas for business owners because it gives them something tangible to tend. Plus, plants are just good for people. Try giving your entrepreneur an easy-to-care-for and pet-friendly plant like a pothos or spider plant.

When you’re coming up with gift ideas for business owners, it’s ideal to give them something that makes them feel like they’re not hustling quite so hard. That might be a tool to streamline their marketing and processes, or it could be something that helps them have a little directionless fun. Whatever you choose, your entrepreneur will appreciate it.

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