If you pay any attention to our social media at all, you know that Ubersuggest is one of Stephanie’s favorite tools for blogging. It’s a great tool for keyword research, which is really the starting point for building your photography blog. Google uses a lot of information to determine your rankings, but keywords are, well, key.

Many people aren’t sure how to use Ubersuggest, though. I’m here to demystify Ubersuggest. While this website provides an incredible amount of data, the two numbers that you really need to understand are Search Volume and SEO Difficulty.

What is Search Volume on Ubersuggest?

On Ubersuggest, Search Volume refers to the number of times an SEO keyword is searched in a month. If you’re looking for an SEO keyword for your photography blog, the higher that number is, the better. Depending on how narrowly you’re targeting a venue, for example, don’t expect that number to be in the thousands. This is about reaching your dream clients, not every single person planning a wedding.

A screenshot of Ubersuggest SEO keyword search shows search volume is 50.

What is SEO Difficulty on Ubersuggest?

Conversely, you’re looking for low SEO Difficulty. SEO Difficulty refers to how competitive it is to rank for that keyword. Lower numbers are easier to rank for and take less time to show up in the top 20. 

A red oval circles SEO Difficulty which is 70 for the SEO keyword "search volume" on ubersuggest

How to Use Ubersuggest for Your Photography Blog

So now that you know what these two numbers are, what do you do with them? The goal is to pick a keyword that has high Search Volume and low SEO Difficulty. 

Let’s look at an example. Say you shot a wedding at Brandywine Manor House and want to do more. How would you pick the best keyword? 

  1. Start by typing a keyword phrase into the search box. I used “Brandywine Manor House wedding photos.”
The SEO keyword "brandywine manor house wedding photos" is typed into the Ubersuggest search bar
  1. Check the Search Volume and SEO Difficulty. For this keyword, the Search Volume is 40, and the SEO Difficulty is 31.
Ubersuggest shows the search volume and seo keyword difficulty
  1. Repeat the process to compare at least one similar SEO keyword, and choose the keyword that has the biggest difference between Search Volume and SEO Difficulty.
SEO keyword difficulty and search volume for "brandywine manor house wedding" on ubersuggest

Sometimes these keywords sound a little awkward, or they may not match up exactly with your vision for your blog. Remember, the point of your blog is to market your work. If no one can find your website, that defeats the purpose. 

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