When I on-board new clients, they’re either energized or befuddled by one of my first questions: Who is your ideal client? Some people can give me a crystal clear profile while others are less certain. We know, though, that marketing material created for everyone actually speaks to no one. So what does this mean for your blog? And how do you narrow down your ideal client profile if you haven’t already? Let’s take a look!

Why Your Ideal Client Matters for Your Blog Copy

Blog posts are, first and foremost, marketing tools. You’re persuading your ideal clients that you’re the wedding vendor for them. To do that, you have to know your audience and what appeals to them. It affects everything from your blog topics to word choice.

Part of this marketing is convincing your ideal clients that you’ll give them the experience they want. Some clients want their hands held while others have specific visions they want honored. The same copy simply cannot appeal to both camps. Your blog posts should leave readers with a sense of how they’ll feel working with you. In this sense, it builds off your client experience page.

On a very practical level, knowing your ideal client helps you narrow down keywords. Blog posts only drive organic traffic to your website when you rank for keywords. What keywords are your ideal clients searching? Focus on those instead of optimizing for vague keyword like “wedding photographer.”

Figuring Out Your Ideal Client Profile

Now that you know how your ideal client affects your blog copy, let’s figure out exactly who they are. You can get in depth as you want filling out ideal client profile worksheets. I find that when it comes to blogging, a few focused questions yield the relevant information. Here are three questions to get you started on your ideal client profile.

What kind of wedding do they want?

Another way to think abou this is to ask yourself what kind of wedding you want to work. Are you aiming for the luxury market? Or does your heart lie with backyard ceremonies? Your answer may lie somewhere in between. The point is to know what you’ll market for in your blogs.

What matters most to them on their wedding day?

Some couples want an unforgettable dance-a-thon reception. Luxury market clients may care more about designer details. Your ideal client might treasure family portraits. Make sure you address them in your blog posts.

What do they value in their everyday lives?

If your ideal client is an adventure-loving backpacker, play up the outdoorsy content. Couples who are really passionate about their pets (in other words, most millennials) will connect with animals in your storytelling. As important as it is to connect with your wedding-specific content, people want to believe that you’ll see their whole selves. 

Wherever you are in your journey to identify your ideal client, House of Nash is here to help with SEO-driven blogging. We combine the technical know-how with storytelling that appeals to your dream clients. Reach out, and let’s start the journey! 

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