Your marketing messaging plays into every part of your business, from your website copy to your client communications. A clear “why” is a game changer. Aside from keeping you motivated, incorporating your “why” into your marketing messaging will help you connect with the clients who will resonate with your brand the most. The key is to set healthy boundaries as you turn your “why” into marketing material.

Figuring Out Your “Why”

Before you can figure out your marketing messaging, you need to have a clear sense of the “why” behind your business. Your “why” is the reason you do what you do. Maybe you don’t have a strong sense of your “why” beyond enjoying what you do (or really not enjoying working for other people). A lot of people enjoy photography but aren’t moved to make it a business. It can be helpful to work with a trauma-informed coach to dive deeper. 

Why work with a trauma-informed business coach on your marketing messaging? Well, figuring out your “why” can get you into murky territory. We are all human and come to our businesses with a huge range of experiences, good and bad. Once you really start working out why you do what you do, you may find yourself thinking about an experience that has been formative for you but isn’t necessarily something you want to share with strangers on the internet. 

Your Marketing Messaging and Your “Why”

Conventional marketing advice will tell you to find your why and then make your vulnerability the core of your marketing messaging. That’s a big ask. Your why might not be comfortable or safe for you to share. It might not be something that will move people to hire you. At the end of the day, this advice isn’t trauma-informed, and it isn’t the only way to create powerful marketing.

Tia learned this firsthand. On their first wedding photography website, their copy included one line that especially resonated with clients: “I was a high school math teacher and worked my way to what I thought was my dream job… The issue is, I currently sit at my desk every day dreaming of my cameras.”

So many people referenced this copy when they hired Tia. People felt invested in their success and connected to their story. That was great! 

From the perspective of an entrepreneur, though, it was equally important that Tia didn’t compromise their own boundaries in this story. They didn’t talk about feeling hopeless and depressed at their 9 to 5 job. They shared just enough to connect with clients without exploiting themself.

So when you start thinking about your “why,” remember that it’s all about balance and boundaries. You’re in control of what parts of your past you decide to use for your marketing messaging. You can let go of feeling like you need to be completely vulnerable all of the time for your business to thrive.

If this blog post has your gears turning, Tia covers this very topic in Disruptor, their group coaching experience. Disruptor is a trauma-informed program designed to help entrepreneurs get clear on their business goals and create human-centered strategies to achieve them. You can learn more about Disruptor here.

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    Your new business sounds interesting! Best wishes! I was just looking over Sar’s FB photos and came across your wedding pics. It was so much fun being there.

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