The decision to outsource copywriting can be a difficult one. Small business owners often feel a deeply personal connection to their brand. Being vulnerable enough to trust someone with your copy isn’t always easy. It doesn’t help that, like many things about running a business, you’ll find conflicting advice that either feels too nebulous or lacks nuance altogether. How do you decide when to bring someone in to do copywriting?

5 Reasons to Outsource Copywriting 

Ultimately, only you can know if it’s time to outsource copywriting for your business. We’ve come up with five instances in which working with an expert can be worthwhile.

1. You have the money but not the time.

Entrepreneurs intimately know the pressure to do it ALL. Outsourcing copywriting doesn’t make you a bad business person or less worthy of acknowledgement. If you have the resources, why not get an expert take website copy, blogging, or social media captions off your plate? In your business, there are some things only you can do. A copywriter can free you up to focus on those things. Or to take a nap. Naps are just as valid a reason to outsource. (Why work for ourselves if we don’t honor our own humanity?)

2. Your website needs optimized copy.

Your copy can be your greatest marketing tool if it’s optimized. Nice words are nice, but Google wants to see keywords in the right places. Think of optimized website and blog copy as the best passive marketing ever. Once it’s published, it keeps working for you without any maintenance. 

Blogging is a perfect opportunity to outsource copywriting to build up your passive marketing. By blogging regularly, you can achieve two things: You target easier-to-rank-for keywords, and you improve your overall domain authority. It takes time and patience, though. Working with a copywriter can take some pressure off.

3. You’re changing markets.

This could play out a number of ways. First, you might be changing your offers. For example, you could be a photographer getting out of weddings and into documentary family sessions. Maybe you’re making a geographic move to a new city. Either way, a good copywriter can help you prep your website, blogs, and other materials to position yourself to drive leads from your new dream clients.

4. Your prices are going up.

What do your prices have to do with your copy? Everything! Think about someone throwing a 200-person wedding on a budget. They’ll be searching different keywords and be attracted to different content than someone planning a luxury elopement. Clients looking to invest more typically expect more elevated copy. 

Raising your prices is a great time to outsource copywriting. A competent copywriter will strategize with you around your ideal clients and how to craft copy that draws them in. You can do it without compromising yourself or your brand’s authenticity too.

5. You’re rebranding.

Your brand is more than your logo, colors, and photos! Your copy establishes your brand voice, how your brand identity translates into words. If you’re investing in new branding , your copy should be just as sharp and attention-grabbing as your web design. A copywriter can help with website copy and also give guidance on future content, such as blog posts and social media captions. (We create custom Brand Voice Guides for our website copywriting clients for just this purpose.)

Finding a Copywriter who Gets SEO

If you do decide to outsource copywriting, know that there are levels to it. You want to work with someone who can write well, but it goes beyond that. Find someone comfortable writing SEO-driven copy in your brand voice. Ultimately, the point of your copy is to connect with your dream clients. Your website and blog posts won’t connect with anyone if they don’t show up in Google search results. To do that, your copywriter needs to know the ins and outs of SEO.

We specialize in optimized website and blog copy for your business. When you outsource copywriting with us, you can expect a tailored strategy that infuses SEO into custom copy that lets your brand shine like the star it is. To learn more about our copywriting service, reach out today!

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