If you’re reading this, you probably have been converted to a Showit stan. The platform is incredibly customizable and great for SEO. Regardless of which website platform you choose, though, you’ll have to answer the question: How do I stand out from the crowd? Start with your web copy. Through my signature web copy service, I created magnetic copy for a wedding photographer’s Showit website. The combination of compelling brand messaging and SEO set her up to attract her dream clients with less hustle on social media.

A screenshot of a wedding photography website includes creative web copy.

A Showit Website for a Wedding Photographer

When Kayla came to Brandcendent for 2-Week Web Copy, she’d gotten clarity on some key aspects of her business. In particular, she had realized exactly who her ideal clients are. She wanted to refine her Showit website to reflect that fact. Her skills and prices were on the rise as well. Kayla recognized the importance of the right web copy to build the foundation for her marketing and sales. 

As a family and wedding photographer, Kayla needed her Showit website to do a few things:

  • Get her found on Google
  • Communicate the unique aspects of her brand 
  • Attract clients who are ready to say “Heck yes!” to her services
  • Demonstrate why her work is so valuable (a.k.a. worth the investment)
  • Provide clarity on her client experience

Seems like kind of a lot, doesn’t it? It’s totally possible with the right website copywriting strategy. And, yes, that’s accessible to small businesses, not just big brands. It all starts with brand messaging.

Brand Messaging that Resonates

For Kayla’s Showit website, I wanted to create brand messaging that combined her personality with her ideal clients’ tastes and concerns. This resulted in a brand voice that resonates with dreamy clients and feels authentic to Kayla.

I started with identifying Kayla’s old brand messaging. Her old website communicated this: “I take documentary-style photos for couples and families who value honest moments over posed photos.”

It wasn’t a bad starting point by any means, but I thought we could level up the messaging for her new Showit website. After our initial Zoom meeting, here’s what I came up with: “I document the intimate moments at the heart of life’s milestones. My calm, candid approach creates space for you to be in the moment while I preserve your joy and connection in natural images.”

You won’t find these exact words in this precise order on Kayla’s site. It’s the message that underlays every part of her copy. It combines Kayla’s brand promises with her personality and unique selling points to create something authentic and unique. I love how this messaging plays out throughout the site.

A screenshot of a Showit website includes website copywriting for a wedding photographer.

I’ve found that most creative entrepreneurs have trouble identifying what makes their brands special. The truth is that your brand is unique. It might be your client experience, the art you create, or the way you make people feel. I can guarantee that we can figure out something that you can leverage in your brand messaging to stand out from the crowd. Let’s call it your Brand Superpower. If you want some insight into what your Brand Superpower might be, take this quick quiz!

Keywords and Clarity

With magnetic brand messaging established, I turned to figuring out the right keyword strategy to integrate into ethical copywriting. One of the pros of a Showit website is that it gives you so much control over SEO. Every SEO strategy starts with keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that people search on Google or another search engine. You might already know which search results you want to show up for, but it’s important to validate those keywords (i.e. make sure people are actually using them). 

SEO is kind of my thing, so I have a tried and tested method for identifying keywords and optimizing web copy accordingly. It really is critical to have a keyword strategy if you want anyone to find you on Google. However, you don’t want your copy to sound like it’s written for robots (even though it kind of is). You want your ideal clients to feel like you’re speaking directly to them. It becomes a matter of weaving the keywords into all the right places without sounding awkward.

Earlier I mentioned that I specialize in ethical copywriting. What do I mean by ethical copywriting in the context of a Showit website? I actually have a lot of thoughts on this! You can check out this blog post if you’re curious. For now, I want to draw attention to the way I centered clarity in Kayla’s web copy. You can easily find information about the client experience, prices, and even response times for inquiries. 

Above the fold copy on a wedding photography Showit website includes an SEO keyword.

Website Copy with Strategy

When people think about a website strategy for their Showit website, they typically consider design. You’re likely to find that any web designer prefers you come to them with your copy in hand. That means your website design is heavily influenced by your copy. I kept this in mind when working on Kayla’s site. 

Whether you have a Showit website or use any other platform, it’s important that your website engages visitors. Every website strategy should be designed to keep people moving through the website and converting visitors to leads. Here’s how I centered engagement and conversion for Kayla’s website:

  • Storytelling: Kayla’s brand is all about helping people stay in the moment on important days and representing that feeling with documentary photography. Her web copy helps visitors feel present and connected with descriptive language.
  • Lighthearted moments: Kayla is fun. Her brand is fun. Her clients want to have fun. I infused her copy with joy and enthusiasm at strategic moments. 
  • Lots of CTAs: We always tell our clients and students to make it as easy as possible to work with you. Lower all the barriers. That includes putting calls to action everywhere you can. I included links to Kayla’s inquiry form as well as other parts of her website. 
A wedding photographer's website includes a CTA to view her work.

I love the way Kayla’s Showit website came together. The web copy is creative, fun, and hella strategic. When Kayla saw the finalized copy, she said, “I’m sooo happy with this! I think my clients will really connect with the copy.”

Would you like to work with Brandcendent to create website copy powered by unique brand messaging and SEO? I’d love to support you with 2-Week Web Copy! Fill out this application to get on the calendar. 

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