What if your next launch didn’t make you break into anxious sweat? What if it could be… fun? Launches come with a rush of energy. There’s so much potential, so many feels about finally putting your thing out into the world. A launch copywriter can create an infrastructure that helps your launch run smoothly and frees you to enjoy the exciting parts. 

7 Ways a Launch Copywriter can Supercharge Your Next Offer

A copywriter can help you in so many ways that are hard to quantify. Here are seven of the most important things a launch copywriter can do to make your launch more successful and a more pleasant experience for you.

1. A Launch Guide

If your launch copywriter works like I do, the first thing your they’ll create for you is a Launch Guide. A Launch Guide is a fantastic way to organize the big picture of your brand messaging and launch all in one place. Anyone working on the launch can reference it so that your marketing and communications stay accurate and aligned. It’s such a relief to know you’ll never get any wires crossed because you have this foundational document to reference.

Here’s what I include when I create a Launch Guide for my clients:

  • Brand voice: You get guidance on tone, style, and even a word bank to use across promotional materials.
  • Audience: Your launch might be for your whole audience, but you probably have a specific subset of them in mind for this new product/service. Let’s dive into exactly what they’re looking for and how your message will resonate with them.
  • Product/service details and unique selling points: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to succeed in business. The most successful launches are less about original ideas and more about good communication. We lay the groundwork for that here.
  • Bold statements: These are memorable phrases that help your offer live rent-free in your potential clients’ minds.
  • Hooks: I create a series of hooks that we can use in email marketing, blog posts, web pages, social media posts, and more.

2. A Lead Magnet

Once you have a Launch Guide finalized, your launch copywriter can help you create a lead magnet. A lead magnet, or freebie, will help you build your email list specifically for your launch. It’s a great way to tease your launch and build a list of warm leads. Even if people are already on your email list, you may choose to create a new segment just for the people who opt into the lead magnet. In my email marketing service, Your Orbit, I help you craft a lead magnet designed to solve a problem for your clients and funnel them towards your new product/service.

3. An Email Funnel

Now you’ll work with your launch copywriter to build a nurture sequence, sometimes called an email funnel. This is a series of emails that automatically trigger when someone opts into a segment (for example, when they request that freebie). I model nurture sequences after the sales funnel principle. Your audience grows from first getting to know your brand to inquiring with enthusiasm before you even speak with them. 

In my experience, this is a great way to do a launch because it can be fully automated. That takes a LOT of stress off of solopreneurs and small teams. You can focus on the parts of your launch that really need you to be present – responding to emails and dms, etc. Meanwhile, your email marketing is working away in the background.

4. A Landing Page

It’s worth creating a landing page when you’re working with a launch copywriter. Depending on your copywriter and the package, that could be a landing page for your lead magnet. Most likely you’ll want robust copy for a landing page for your main offer, though. Again your copywriter will pull from the Launch Guide to create engaging copy that gets people excited about your offer.

5. Captions for Socials

Social media is an increasingly complicated beast. Algorithms seem to change on a dime. It leaves small businesses scrambling to keep up with bigger companies that get an insider scoop. At the end of the day, social media is about being social. You probably need to be more hands on during a launch period. 

However, your launch copywriter can lay the foundations for all of that with strategic captions for pre-scheduled posts. They can create captions aligned with your Launch Guide to:

  • Get people excited about your offer
  • Introduce the details of your offer
  • Help them imagine themselves inside it
  • Encourage engagement around it

6. Knowledge to Translate Sales Frameworks into Great Copy

What sets a launch copywriter apart from any other type of copywriter is their ability to translate marketing and sales principles into a coherent set of copy that you can deliver across multiple platforms simultaneously. They turn theory into practice. That expertise can make a huge difference in your launch’s bottom line.

7. Less Stress and More Time for You

As high as your monetary ROI is from working with a launch copywriter, you’ll get so much more that you can’t quantify. I’m talking about more time and less stress. You’ll be able to reclaim an unbelievable amount of time when you don’t have to create copy for lead magnets, emails, web pages, and social media. That frees you up to get hands-on with your audience before and during your launch period. It also ensures that your stress levels can stay closer to normal in that window.

Finding Your Launch Copywriter 

Finding the perfect copywriter for your next launch doesn’t have to be complicated. Ideally, you’ll find someone who:

  • Understands your audience and how you’ve cultivated your brand to speak to them.
  • Knows how to turn sales funnel theory into an irresistible set of deliverables.
  • Has well-oiled systems in place and is easy to work with.

Are you looking for a launch copywriter to support you with your next launch? At Brandcendent, we connect creative entrepreneurs with their dream clients. Our trauma-informed marketing will simplify your launch and attract people you can’t wait to work with. Inquire with us here!

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