So you need to bring your website copy up to date with the rest of your brand. Typically offered at a much lower price point than full web copy, a website copy audit can look like an inexpensive solution to stale messaging. How exactly do you know whether you should invest in all new web copy or get an audit instead?

We’re all about nuance over here, and the truth is that it depends on you and your circumstances. This blog post will help you figure out which is the best path to revamping your website.

What a Website Copy Audit Is

Before we jump into it, let’s look at what a website copy audit actually is. Some website copywriters offer an audit as a step down from investing in all new web copy. Audits range in price anywhere from $250 to $1000 (or, who knows, probably more). The goal of a copy audit is to tell you what could be improved in your website’s copy and specific steps that you can implement. Often the audits include:

  • A video review
  • Email support
  • Copy revision suggestions

The idea is to give you some clear direction on how you can overhaul your copy and messaging yourself.

When to Get the Audit

I like to say that a website copy audit is ideal for people who like a super hands-on, DIY approach. It gives you a lot of control over the direction your messaging takes. You also will be the one who ultimately determines whether or not your brand messaging and copy actually gets revised. 

With that in mind, a website copy audit could work for you if: 

  • you have more time than money.
  • you feel pretty confident about your messaging but want to refine it a bit.
  • you’re good at taking a few suggestions and applying them to a whole body of work, in this case your website copy.
  • you feel confident you’ll start and finish a project like overhauling web copy independently. (Not all of our brains make this easy.) 

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When to Invest in New Copy Instead

As much as it can feel good for some people to take the reins on a project like this, other people get overwhelmed. There are lots of reasons why a website copy audit might not feel like enough support. Plus there’s no shame in getting expert help on something this important for your business.

I recommend investing in new website copy if: 

  • you want to start from scratch with your messaging and brand voice.
  • you have more money than time.
  • you want a pro to help you differentiate yourself.
  • you struggle with writing and don’t feel confident about implementing feedback on your entire site.
  • you don’t feel confident you’ll finish a project like this independently.

It’s a lot to sit with, but it really comes down to knowing yourself. Listen to your gut. If it says “DIY! DIY!” schedule that copy audit. If it’s churning at the thought of doing a big revision, it might be time to invest in new website copy. Either way, you’ll spend some time being really intentional about your brand and messaging, which is always a good thing.

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