Creating dreamy web copy is all about distinguishing your brand voice and unique messaging then translating that into unforgettable copy. One Bell Designs, a Connecticut wedding planning service, approached us to build one-of-a-kind copy for their new site. We used our signature two-week website writing process to create web copy that speaks to their dream client with a combination of confidence, calm, and a touch of magic.

Website Copywriting for a Magical Wedding Planning Experience  

Rachel, One Bell Design’s founding Wedding Bell, came to Brandcendent with clarity on two important points: whom she wanted to work with and what her unique strengths were as a planner. In the first phase of the website writing process, we clarified her ideal client even further. They’re intentional people who want to celebrate in a way that resonates with their community. What that looks like varies from client to client, but they all want a wedding planner to affirm and facilitate their choices.

One of Rachel’s greatest strengths is being that warm, affirming presence for clients. We wanted her website copy to convey that she’s calming like a “cup of tea” (her description). That warmth needed to be balanced with the creative magic that the Wedding Bells bring to the wedding planning process. 

Alchemical Copy Infused with Compassion 

To appeal to One Bell Design’s ideal clients and showcase their strengths, we were intentional in developing their brand voice. This includes the tone, style, and word choice that a brand uses to create cohesive messaging. Your brand voice is what your brand sounds like. The goal is to be so distinctive that someone could identify your marketing materials by the words alone. 

As part of our website writing, we created a calm, confident, celebratory brand voice for One Bell Designs. Their taglines and bold statements convey the combination of whimsy and competence. The below-the-fold copy on their homepage declares, “Your wedding should have the same spark as your relationship.” It’s sweet and exciting at the same time.

The copy for One Bell Designs conveys how they want clients to feel. It previews the ideal client experience. Their services page describes it as “wedding planning services that feel like alchemy.” The word “alchemy” sprinkles in a magic reference that hints at a “wow factor” without being over-the-top.

Our Streamlined Website Writing Process

We’ve worked with entrepreneurs at all stages of the web design process. Like many of our clients, One Bell Designs wanted to have their copy (metaphorically) in hand when they approached a web designer. Our two-week website writing process was the perfect solution for keeping them moving towards a standout website.

The first phase of our website writing process includes collaborating on a Brand Voice Guide. This foundational document does three important things. It

  • Clarifies brand messaging for the website.
  • Gives guidance on tone, style, and word choice. 
  • Saves time by getting us on the same page from the start.

One Bell Designs gave great feedback at this point in the process. We refined their messaging so that it reflected the core of their brand in a unique voice. Now they can use this resource for any copy they create, including social media posts, blog posts, emails, and ads.

Since the website writing process took just two weeks, One Bell Designs could dive into web design with Inkpot Creative without delay. Our two weeks together were so exciting! We couldn’t wait to see the copy implemented. 

An Ethical Approach to Website Copywriting

During the website copywriting process, most of our clients mention that they choose Brandcendent over other copywriters because of our ethical approach. We specialize in trauma-informed marketing. The principles of clarity and consent guide all of our website writing. Here’s a look at what that means.

Positivity Instead of Pain Points

A lot of website writing advice sticks to conventional pain points marketing. The goal is to get readers anxious so that when you introduce your services, they see you as the right-on-time solution. Trauma-informed marketing actively pivots away from exploiting people’s fears to sell to them. At Brandcendent, we help people imagine what great things are possible. One Bell Designs’ web copy directly pushes against pain points marketing by painting a picture of joy and calm for clients. Check out this example from their services page:

“You’re intentional about your relationships. You deserve a wedding as warm, joyful, and connected as your love story. We want to support you in designing an unforgettable celebration without the stress the wedding industry normalizes.”

Transparency in Price and Process

Clarity, or transparency, is another key part of ethical website writing. Price transparency on your website allows people to opt out without entering into an uncomfortable and potentially fraught series of conversations. So many of us have money trauma, and price transparency is an easy way to minimize triggering it.

For One Bell Designs’ website, we also used clarity to guide the services page. The copy tells people what to expect from their client experience. This gives people more confidence in inquiring with service providers. It also helps many neurodivergent people manage discomfort in entering an unfamiliar situation.

Some entrepreneurs worry that ethical marketing principles will make their website writing less fun. One Bell Designs’ copy proves that’s not the case. We created trauma-informed copy infused with playfulness.

Would you like to work with Brandcendent to create your website copy? We would love to collaborate on a brand voice and web copy that helps you stand out in your industry. Reach out to us here!

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