Let’s be honest. The last two years have thrown business owners off in ways they never could have anticipated. I’m hearing from wedding photographers who have unpublished work from 2020 and even what I call the before times. In trying to decide what to blog, many are wondering: Can I post old work on my blog?

2 Questions to Ask When Deciding What to Blog 

It’s totally understandable that wedding photographers want to make the most of their work in the wake of pandemic postponements and cancellations. When looking over old work and deciding what to blog, ask yourself these two questions. 

1. Has your editing style changed since you took these photos?

If the answer is yes, this isn’t a dealbreaker. Typically, I would advise photographers to choose their best 20-30 photos from the day and re-edit them in their current editing style. This way the work will be more representative of what you currently offer. 

You can include more images in a blog post. (I will include up to 50 for my blogging clients.) However, the more images you include, the slower your load times will be. Google penalizes sites for slow load times, and it leads to higher bounce rates. This surprises a lot of photographers, but the truth is that potential clients just want to see enough to get a sense of each part of the day.

2. Do you want to do more work like this?

This is the most important question to answer when choosing what to blog regardless of whether the work is old or new. Every blog post should align with one of your marketing goals. If you’re trying to get out of very formal 300-person weddings, don’t blog the one you did before the pandemic. Instead blog the couples session or elopement that aligns with where you want your business to go.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, Marketing goals? What marketing goals? I just want to book great clients! It’s ok if this is the place you’re starting from right now, but I want you to consider two factors when selecting what to blog.

Firstly, is the wedding at a venue you want to work at again? Maybe the marriers had the perfect dinner reception at an elegant restaurant, and you want to go back for more candlelit wedding magic. Venues are often easier keywords to rank for and tend to have higher search volume. (For some tips on quick keyword research, check out this post on using Ubersuggest.) Starting with which venues you’d like to book again is often a good strategy for figuring out which old work to blog.

Another important question to consider is whether the marriers you photographed are representative of your ideal clients. If they are, it could be worth highlighting them and the things you loved about their wedding on your blog even if the venue wasn’t amazing. If the marriers did a good job of incorporating family traditions into their day and you want more clients who do the same, make that the focus of your blog post. 

Working with a Copywriter who Knows Your Industry

A copywriter who understands your industry can not only help you decide what to blog but how to frame that work to connect with your ideal clients. We specialize in SEO-driven blogging for wedding photographers. When you work with us, we’ll help you clarify your marketing strategy as it relates to your blog. Reach out to learn more about our blogging packages!

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