Small business owners get a lot of conflicting marketing advice. Do this Reel. Write this sales page. Run this ad. You probably landed here because you’re curious about blogging to promote your business. A blog can be a great content marketing strategy for business owners looking for a sustainable, long-term approach to SEO and passive marketing. Business should honor your humanity, and blogging to promote your business might be a great tool to help you do that.

Why Blog to Promote Your Business

Marketing strategies can be divided into two buckets: active and passive. Active marketing includes running ads and social media marketing. Some people thrive on TikTok and Instagram. If you feel burned out by active marketing, though, blogging allows you to do passive marketing. You create a post, publish it, and allow it to work for you while you focus on other things. Blogs also have a significantly longer lifespan than social media posts. An Instagram Reel has a lifespan of about 48 hours whereas a blog post can reach potential clients over a year after its first publication. 

Blogging to promote your business also is one of the most attainable and effective ways to improve your SEO. Google gives preference to sites that publish regularly. It accounts for the single largest portion of Google’s algorithm. According to Hubspot, businesses that blog increase their web traffic by up to 55%. If SEO and organic traffic is important to your business, blogging is going to be an important piece of the puzzle.

What to Do Before You Begin 

Before you begin blogging to promote your business, you need to understand your goals. With whom are you trying to connect? How do you want them to think about your brand? How can you help them? What services are you marketing? Before you get into the nitty gritty of optimizing your copy, you should have a sense of how you’d answer these questions.

Once you have an idea what your content marketing goals are for blogging, it’s time to create a keyword strategy. Keywords are essentially the search terms people use on Google. You have to optimize your blog post with a keyword to get found on Google. No one is searching “Dave and Sam’s wedding,” but they might be searching “St. Louis wedding venue.” Keep a list of keywords you’d like to rank for on hand for any time you get writer’s block.

Let’s pause for a minute. How is this feeling? If you’re a little overwhelmed, that’s understandable. Effective blogging takes skills in SEO and writing. A knowledgeable copywriter can help you build your blog’s foundations. Your First 24 is a blogging service designed to build the foundations of your blog in a way that’s low pressure and sustainable. If you want help getting your blog off the ground, check it out.

When to Start Blogging to Promote Your Business 

With your goals in hand, it’s time to consider when to start blogging to promote your business. Generally speaking, the sooner the better. Google takes time to index blog posts. A good rule of thumb is to give a post at least three months to rank for the keyword for which it’s optimized.

As a business owner, you may already have picked up on the fact that you should plan ahead for launches. If you’re a photographer and want to use blogging to promote holiday mini sessions in October, start blogging about it by May or June. You may get clients through social media, but there are always more people searching for photographers on Google that haven’t found you through Instagram’s cryptic algorithm. 

What to Blog About 

Your keyword list should give you some ideas of what to blog about, but always keep your ideal client in mind. Think about what they need at this moment in their lives. If you’re a wedding photographer, your ideal clients are thinking about engagement photos, wedding showers, wedding venues, and more. You can blog about all of these things to provide value to potential clients and market your services.  

Are you ready to start blogging to promote your business? Brandcendent has the experience and expertise to create posts that connect you with your dream clients. Whether you’re starting from scratch or reviving a blog you started a while ago, we can help you create and implement a strategy that makes sense for your business. Check out our copywriting services!  

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