Your website copy is a ring of keys. Conventional service providers tell you that it can do one of two things. Your website copy can unlock your brand voice with a unique tone and style that connects with your dream clients. Or it can open the door to your SEO, the way those clients find you in the first place. The right copywriter is like a master key, unlocking the two simultaneously.

Website Copy Door #1: Brand Voice 

Your website copy is critical for establishing your brand identity by providing a unique brand voice. No matter how incredible your images and web design are, you words have to stand out too. The bold phrases and words set the tone for your brand and help people decide whether they connect with your message. As one of our website copywriting clients said, people should know as soon as they land on her page whether she’s the right service provider for them.  

Your website copy also articulates what sets you apart from your competition. What helps clients remember you when they look at a dozen service providers’ websites? My guess is that you said something that made them laugh, smile, or feel seen.  

In this way, your website copy helps potential clients learn to trust you. People typically won’t invest in a brand until they have some sense of what to expect from their experience. Clear, memorable copy can inspire people to submit an inquiry. Of course, it weeds out the people who aren’t the right fit for your service too. 

Website Copy Door #2: SEO 

As much as your website copy can be the key to your brand voice, it can unlock your SEO. No matter how punchy or poetic your copy is, it won’t help you rank on Google unless it’s optimized. I’ve seen beautiful websites that don’t use any keywords. If you’re rocking it on social media, that could work for you. If you’re at all interested in organic traffic, you need optimized website copy.

Carefully crafted website copy lays the foundation for an SEO strategy that can guide your passive marketing. Google prefers that websites publish regularly, so blogging will always help. Content marketing with blogging will be most effective when you optimize your blog for keywords related to your website’s main keywords. In effect, your blog should keep building on your website copy’s foundations.

Finding the Master Key

On your ring of keys, the right copywriter can be your master key. They can help you create a distinctive brand voice that speaks directly to your dream clients, and they can implement an SEO strategy that gets you found on Google. You don’t need to choose between the two. 

At Brandcendent, we specialize in SEO-driven web copy that connects you with your dream clients. Reach out to learn how we can lay the foundations for your brand voice and SEO with ethical copy.

P.S. Sorry if you landed on this post looking for info on the queer classic “Ring of Keys” from Fun Home, but thanks for hanging in to the end!

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