Why rebrand a small business? As a business evolves, it’s important to check in and make sure you’re communicating your brand identity and value proposition to your dream clients. Packages and pricing change. Entrepreneurs move to new markets. Copy starts to feel stale. Rebranding a business can address any or all of these issues. Investing in a new brand design, website, and copy can be a commitment, but if you have the resources, it can make a big difference in your business and your feelings about it.

Why Rebrand? 3 Reasons We Made the Investment

We decided to rebrand House of Nash as Brandcendent for many reasons. These three rose to the top as some of the most important for us.

1. A more polished look to communicate value

When we started House of Nash, we did so out of a combination of passion, purpose, and necessity. Yes, we believe in our mission to help more good people make great money through trauma-informed business practices. We also needed to replace Stephanie’s income when she left teaching high school during the pandemic. The brand and website design we put together were fine. They got our business off the ground, and we’re grateful for that. However, they lacked the polish that professional brand and website designers could bring to the table.

Our new branding and website are more striking, sophisticated, and interactive. You don’t have to have fancy branding to make a good product or service, but we feel that our rebrand communicates our value better, especially to clients who find us organically through search engines. When our website is the first place someone gets to know us, it’s a different process of building trust than when they come across our Reels on Instagram. For us, that alone was a good reason why rebrand. 

2. A brand that can grow with us (and beyond us)

Our dreams for Brandcendent are bigger than the two of us. We don’t want to give away too much just yet, but know we have plans to expand our products and services. Down the line, we can envision a whole team! We love the idea of paying a good wage to other copywriters and business pros. By removing “Nash” from our business name, we made space for what’s to come.

The new name and branding also are less about us and more about our clients and how we can benefit them. Brandcendent isn’t really about us, Tia and Stephanie. It’s about building a world where people who are traditionally underrepresented in the business world can get the skills they need to thrive. In that sense, we wanted to get out of the way of our brand messaging so our dream clients could connect to it.

3. An opportunity for more representative website copy

As important as brand and website design are, website copy plays a big role in rebranding. Our old website copy did what we needed it to do, but we were ready to level up. Brandcendent brings together Tia’s business coaching and Stephanie’s blog and website copywriting. We needed new website copy that clearly connected our brand mission and services. In our minds, we knew how it all went together, but we had to make it clear for potential clients too. Now our website copy communicates our value and our value proposition through words as well as visuals.

If you find yourself asking why rebrand, it’s worth having a clear goal in mind before getting started. Rebranding takes time. Having a great team to do brand design, photography, website design, and website copy makes all the difference in your experience. At Brandcendent, we were fortunate to work with Tay Nelson for brand design, Inkpot Creative on website design, and Amanda Domenech for photography. Working with other powerhouse entrepreneurs made us even more confident that rebranding was right for our business.

Our guess is that you landed on this blog post because you’re considering rebranding your business. When was the last time you felt connected to your website copy? Brandcendent specializes in ethical website copywriting services and blogging for entrepreneurs. Learn how our services can improve your SEO and connect you with your dream clients!

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