There are an incredible number of ways to reach potential clients, and small business owners get a lot of conflicting marketing advice. Content marketing is the creation and distribution of material that is informative, creates interest in a brand, and drives leads. Blogging is an accessible form of content marketing that has many advantages over advertising.

Advantages of Passive Marketing

Blogging is a form of passive marketing. In other words, you create content that a potential client finds through a search engine. Ideally, aside from optimizing the blog post for SEO, you don’t need to do anything to get your content in front of clients. 

Advertising, on the other hand, is active marketing. It requires you to adopt short-term strategies to identify where you’re most likely to reach potential clients. Social media ads are one of the most common active marketing tactics that wedding vendors use now. Although this strategy can see big returns, it requires frequent revision based on analytics. It also relies on quickly changing social media platforms who are not interested in clarifying their algorithm for businesses that they see as small time. 

One of the advantages of passive marketing with blogging is that Google’s algorithm is slower to change than that of social media platforms. There’s less guess work. Furthermore, you can see returns from a blog for over a year. That’s a far longer lifespan than any social media ad. The emotional highs and lows of churning out content for social media don’t apply to blogging.

Content You Can Repurpose

Of course, a holistic approach to marketing typically encompasses a mix of active and passive approaches. An advantage of blogging is that you create a body of content that you can repurpose across platforms. You can use blog content on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. If you are trying to sell quickly, you may repurpose blog content in an ad. The point is that blogging lays a foundation for passive marketing that you can expand upon in innumerable ways later on.  

Content Marketing with Your Blog

Even if you don’t repurpose your blog content in any way, blogging is a long-term strategy with a large ROI. A few more reasons that blogging is a smart content marketing strategy: 

  • Blogging regularly increases your website’s overall chances of showing up on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) regardless of whether a specific blog post ranks highly. In that sense, blog posts work for you long after you stop thinking about them. 
  • By optimizing blogs for different keywords, you’re widening your net to draw in potential clients.
  • Blogging is an opportunity to establish your brand – who you are, what makes you different, what value you add, why potential clients should inquire with you, etc.

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