Your photography blog can be a critical method of driving new and better leads. Blogging is a systematic way of building your SEO. By improving your SEO, you’ll rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). This will connect you to your ideal client more intentionally and effectively than listings on wedding website directories. While many photographers know that blogging can be pivotal for their businesses, there are a few common traps that they fall into.

Top 5 Photography Blog Mistakes 

Based on my review of many wedding photography blogs, these are the top five most common mistakes that I’ve seen photographers make.

1. Keyword research is missing. 

A good keyword is the foundation of an effective blog post. Often, though, photographers just write a blurb about the couple and the weather on the wedding day. Remember that people find your website and blog posts using keywords. No one is entering “Shane and Carmen’s wedding” into search engines. (A joke for my L Word fans.) Instead people are searching for terms such as “outdoor winter wedding.” 

In this introduction to Ubersuggest, I give some guidance on how to use that free tool to do basic keyword research. I also include keyword research in all of my blogging packages. 

2. The copy is too short.

Even if you have a great keyword, most blog posts under 300 words aren’t going to rank on SERPs. In general, the longer a blog post is, the better. One study found that blog posts of approximately 2,500 words rank the best. In my experience, a photography blog post doesn’t need to be nearly this long to rank for less competitive keywords. 

However, if you do feel moved to write (or hire a copywriter to create) a blog post that’s 2,500 words, it would make great cornerstone content. You can link other blog posts back to this one to signal its importance to Google.

3. There are too many photos. 

This is where I find some photographers grow uncomfortable with SEO-driven blogging. I design my top-tier packages so that each blog post includes 20-50 optimized images. Any more than this will contribute to two problems: First, your load speeds will slow considerably, lowering your rankings on SERPs. Secondly, potential clients get overwhelmed by more photos and exit your site before getting to your carefully crafted CTA. Your photos are incredible, but stay focused on what you actually need to tell the story of the day.

4. Photographers publish blog posts irregularly.

In order for your photography blog to improve your SEO and reach your dream clients, you have to publish related content regularly. This shows search engines that you’re an authoritative source that is up to date with the most pertinent information. Publishing four blog posts at once then not posting again for a month or two will not help much. You’re better off posting those same four blogs in two-week intervals over eight weeks. Of course, nothing will help as much as posting once a week or more.

5. Photographers blog for themselves, not for potential clients.

Photographers sometimes make the mistake of thinking their blog is their portfolio. It’s not quite the same. A blog is a marketing tool. Yes, you show some of your best work, but it should be optimized for SEO. The copy also needs to be written with your future clients in mind. As much as wedding photographers love their couples, they should be marketing to people who haven’t booked them yet.

Get Your Photography Blog on Track

If you’re looking for help getting your photography blog working for you, I can help! I specialize in SEO-driven blogging for wedding vendors. Reach out to learn more about how I can help you connect with your ideal clients!

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